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GO Paranormal Research

GO Paranormal Research

Go Paranormal Team is ran by John Giess and Martin O’Neill and new member to the team caz wass where we go out looking for evidence of the supernatural and ghostly goings on. John has been looking for evidence of ghosts for a little over 20 years and has a good reputation within the UK and martin has been ghost hunting with john some 10 years. Martin also runs  Liverbird Radio And John Is a DJ for the station.  We are non profit investigators and only charge for travel and expenses whenever we are asked to look into claims of haunted locations and with that we spend 24 to 48 hours at any one location. We try and gather EVP (electric voice phenomena) photos, video evidence and let the people keep any evidence we find and we take a copy for ourselves and if permission is given we share the experiences with others without mentioning names or address unless it is granted also. We have had a lot of success and always show respect to the spirits and the owners of properties that may or may not be haunted. We have one rule which has never been broken and that is we never use an Ouija board or any method to summon up spirits as we communicate with spirits already around us.  AS investigators we look for natural causes to sounds or events and when that can’t be done then we conceder spirit activity and only make a claim a place or location is haunted is if we get any evidence on eletrical equipment we have. We also carry out spirit rescue if the spirits ask for our help to pass over and we also relay any messages they give us to pass on. If you believe you r home or property is haunted you can email us and we will get in touch with you A.S.A.P. or if you had ghostly experiences please feel free to share them with us or if you have photos you want to have clarified as paranormal we can also do that for you for free. We are professional paranormal investigators that take our roles seriously. 

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